Practitioners at Cedar Avenue Integrative Medicine

Dr. Theresa Martez

Dr. Theresa Martez ND, LMT

Owner of Cedar Avenue Integrative Medicine

Dr. Theresa Martez is an enthusiastic and caring Naturopathic Physician whose goal is to provide the best healthcare possible through knowledge, communication, understanding, and genuine respect for her patients.

Dr. Martez has 15+ years of experience in her field. She truly believes in Naturopathic Medicine and everything that it has to offer and hopes to have a good balance between that and conventional medicine. Dr. Martez is ready to see a wide variety of ailments in her family practice, and has special interests in Massage Therapy, Women’s Health, Homeopathy, Counseling, Weight Management, and Environmental Medicine.

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Dr. Stacy Bowker

Dr. Stacy Bowker, ND

Dr. Bowker is the owner of Snohomish Valley Holistic Medicine and provides Naturopathic Medical Services along with Natural Pediatrics.

She began the clinic with a vision of offering an integrated healing environment where different types of practitioners could work cooperatively to help serve the health and wellness needs of the greater Snohomish area.

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Dr. Rebekah OldenKamp

Dr. Rebekah OldenKamp, ND

I enjoy working with patients who feel they haven’t been given much hope from the traditional medical community and working with them to help improve their quality of life.

I particularly enjoy the detective work behind autoimmune and chronic disease. These patients are often not given much hope or options from the traditional medical community, and frequently there are options. Diet and lifestyle are my main treatments, these require a significant amount of education which is a priority for me.

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Dr. Jennifer Read

Dr. Jennifer Read, ND, LAc

Dr. Jennifer Read is one of few physicians that is trained to use a combination of conventional, naturopathic, and Eastern philosophies.

She uses her unique training to create a personalized treatment plan for each of her patients. She challenges patients to place their healthcare into their own hands, and ensures that each person understands the "why" behind each recommendation. Her goal is to promote confidence while guiding patients and their families toward optimal health.

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Dr. Sudikshya Baskota, ND

Dr. Sudikshya Baskota, ND

Dr. Baskota is the founder of Abundant Integrative Medicine and provides patient care through Cedar Avenue Integrative Medicine located at Snohomish. She is passionate about patient-centric medicine and integrative care medical model; empowering patients to achieve optimal wellness using nutrition, exercise, lifestyle counseling, botanical medicine, mind-body therapies, ayurvedic medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Baskota graduated with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2018 from Bastyr University. She finished competitive teaching residency on family medicine at Bastyr Center for Natural Medicine as well as shifts at community health clinics. During her residency, she spent most of her rotations on adult primary care, cardiovascular and diabetes wellness, women’s health, gastrointestinal disorders, and mental health.

Additionally, Dr. Baskota also has a passion for global health, which lead her to organize a volunteer trip to Dhulikhel Hospital in Nepal. She facilitated a group of ten medical students to participate in a global health program in Nepal, where students were able to shadow doctors at various departments.

She currently works as adjunct faculty at the teaching clinic of Bastyr University and provides patient care at the neighbor care community clinic at West Seattle High School. Her clinical experience also includes providing adjunctive patient care to women of all ages as well as pregnant women at the Women’s clinic in Bellevue. She is an active member of Naturopathic Academy of Primary Care Physicians.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, spending time with her loved ones, cooking, reading, utilizes yoga and meditation for her self-care.

She is currently accepting new patients from January 1st, 2020 at Snohomish location. She is in the process of transferring insurance credentials to her new location. Please call to find out if you are covered.

Languages: English, Nepali, Hindi

Theresa Free

Theresa Free, FNP

Theresa is a family nurse practitioner with a mission. Her mission is to reverse the tide of obesity and chronic disease that is overtaking America; causing needless suffering and reducing our years of quality life.

She has taken charge of her own health using Lifestyle Medicine approaches and is passionate about helping others do the same. She knows what it is like to suffer with obesity, yo-yo dieting, and chronic disease. She also knows what it is like to be a health care worker and to desire to be a good role model of health, but not know how to make the needed changes. She was able to overcome these challenges, lose all her excess weight, and keep it off ever since. She is dedicated to helping others, especially other healthcare workers, to do the same.

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Dr. Thapa

Dr. Nitin Thapa, ND

My focus is on all aspects of pediatric care, from birth to young adult as well as care for acute and chronic conditions in adults.

I was born and raised in Nepal. Growing up, I witnessed people suffering because of lack of access to health care. This became the motivating factor for me to become a Doctor. I went to study medicine in Russia and graduated from the Tver State Medical Academy- one of Europe’s oldest and prestigious medical academies. With an MD degree in General Medicine, I went back to Nepal and joined Bir Hospital, a tertiary level hospital in Kathmandu and worked tirelessly, helping sick and enriching my clinical and surgical skills. I treated an array of systemic, infectious, psychological and surgical ailments.

I always had a keen interest in pediatrics and soon, I joined Kanti Children’s Hospital – a tertiary level pediatric hospital in Kathmandu, where I worked in Pediatric Internal Medicine as well as in specialty clinics like ER, Pediatric Surgery, NICU and PICU. I managed healthy kids as well as kids with severe, life threatening infectious and non-infectious diseases. Besides practicing medicine in hospitals and clinics, I was also actively involved in promoting community health awareness programs and running free health camps for poor and vulnerable population of the society.

After moving to USA, while pursuing an advanced medical career here in the USA, I worked as a Medical Assistant at Allegro Pediatrics in Redmond and learned a lot about developmental disorders, childhood obesity and the scope of preventative medicine in America.

I soon realized that our healthcare system lacks integrative approach by combining natural and modern medicine together. This became a motivating factor and I enrolled in Bastyr University and completed my training as a Naturopathic Physician in 2017. After one year in practice in family medicine, I joined Bastyr University affiliated, pediatric focused residency program to gain expertise in Naturopathic Pediatric medicine. At Bastyr University and through my residency training, I learned holistic medicine, implementation of botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, clinical nutrition, counseling and physical medicine. At the same time refreshed and updated my conventional medical knowledge and skills.

My ND education included preceptorship with ND Family Practitioners, ND Pediatricians as well as MD Family practitioner.

My focus is on all aspects of pediatric care, from birth to young adult as well as care for acute and chronic conditions in adults. I will be working closely with you and your child with a more natural, and holistic approach to promote physical, cognitional and emotional health. I will also prescribe and suggest a more conventional approach when needed.

Having expertise in both allopathic and naturopathic medicine, I believe that integrating the best of both brings better results.